Reasons On Why Do You Enjoy PoE SSF

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In Path of Exile, If you never played SSF, and uncertain whether it would be a great time to try. in fact, many players enjoy SSF, I collected some reasons why many players enjoy SSF for your reference. Meanwhile, don't forget that poe currency trade is important.
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1. Slow down the progresion/burnout
"One of the main reason for me to go ssf is to slow down the progresion/burnout I'm a type of player that once I hit 90-95 and get my bis gear set with some jucy pieces like +1 6 link a good enchant helmet and you know not mirror worthy gear but darn good. Then I'm done with it and never look back I usually make like 2 characters like this and quit the league in a couple of weeks to a month. Ssf allows me to play longer cause I can't just flip stuff make money and buy all by jucy gear in ssf I need to farm and make do with what I get."
2. You can compete on the ladder with other people playing under the same rules
"The only practical benefit of SSF is that you can compete on the ladder with other people playing under the same rules. As soon as you fall out of the ladder push category there is zero advantage to playing SSF compared to just playing regular league and being free to trade/not trade as much as you want."
3. A much better difficulty curve
"I feel like SSF has a much better difficulty curve which results in a more enjoyable game to me since you have to find and/or craft all your gear. In trading leagues, difficulty is all over the place since you can just go and buy whatever you want to make yourself more powerful and other than a handful of chase items, everything's dirt cheap."
4. Currency is just currency
"Currency is just currency, no hoarding of stuff (for me personally ofc) - I use almost all of my orbs to try to get interesting stuff. Ofc I could do the same when playing both trade and ssf in the normal league but gl separating everything. I know I wouldn't be able to."
5. Creativity aspect of mixing and matching
"Creativity aspect of mixing and matching what is available to you vs. being able to afford almost anything after the first two weeks. If you have everything available, certain BIS combinations exist and are just so much better than using what you find."
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