Path Of Exile Is A Dark RPG Designed For Online Gameplay

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Path of Exile, a dark RPG designed for online gameplay, set in the fantasy world, he just scored the 5th spring in his account. Exactly October 23, 2013, the game hit the market and immediately gained a loyal and numerous group of fans. The size of the community goes hand in hand with good reviews of the title itself. On our site the game enjoys a rating of 9.0 and many positive comments, while the Steam platform recommends over 90% of users. Also, do not forget about the title "Game of the Year 2013", which the GameSpot Path of Exile has admitted.

Path of Exile is a multiplayer action-RPG, distributed on a shareware model. In total gamers are available seven classes of characters: a witch, a marauder, a templar, a ranger, a shadow, a duelist and a scion. Heroes are not attached to their own basic characteristics and can develop in a free direction. One of the main features of the Path of Exile is the barter system, where instead of the in-game currency (gold), a raw material exchange is used to create items. 

The only source of income for Grinding Gear Games are the skins, which actually have fairly high prices, and the ability to buy extra chests in which to store items that you do not use. A feature in which some see the only freemium element of Path of Exile, for the existence of customizable chests that can be used to exchange their objects more efficiently.

Path of Exile is certainly one of the most incredible successes from this point of view. The role-playing action game hack and slash, similar in many respects to the Diablo series. All the objects that influence your character in Path of Exile are obtainable by playing or exchanging with other players, and there is no way to get upgrades by paying. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more Path of Exile News and cheap PoE items for trade with instant delivery.

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