NHL 22: The comprehensive guide to best young centers player ratings

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I have already shared the complete guide to the best young defensemen player ratings in NHL 22 game. In this article, let's take a look at the best young centers in NHL 22. Arguably the most critical players on the ice, the center can do anything. , But also the main link of the offense.  This is a guide to the best young centers you have obtained to help your team achieve long-term success in NHL 22. You can purchase your ideal Centers through NHL 22 Coins to build the best HUT Ultimate Team.

NHL 22: The comprehensive guide to best young centers player ratings


NHL 22: Choosing the best young centers

This page will introduce the most promising centers in the NHL 22, Jack Hughes, Quinton Byfield, and Trevor Zeglas. Each person's ranking is based primarily on their potential level and their overall rating and age. And you will find a complete list of all the best young centers in NHL 22 from this post.



Jack Hughes, 84 OVR (Elite High)


  1. Team: New Jersey Devils
  2. Age: 20
  3. Type: Organizer
  4. Shooting: left
  5. Best attributes: 93 Deking, 92 Acceleration, 92 Agility


The only player on this list with elite high potential-before a group of elite medical talents-Jack Hughes has some top ratings, and there is more potential to be realized.


The 93-year-old Hughes has the unique ball-handling ability, coupled with his 92-year-old acceleration and agility. It is difficult for him to stop when he takes the ball. He still has a speed of 90, so he can magnify the defender while looking for the side in the 88 passes.


During the 2020/21 season playing for the Devils, Hughes contributed 20 assists and 11 goals in 56 games, one of which was a potent offense, and the other was the winner of the game. In the 2019/20 season, he played 61 games, with 14 assists and seven goals, 4 of which were solid offenses and two wins.



Tim Stützle, 84 OVR (Elite Med)


  1. Team: Ottawa Senator
  2. Age: 19
  3. Type: Organizer
  4. Shooting: left
  5. Best attributes: 90 Deking, 90 Agility, 90 Speed


The third overall pick in 2020, Tim Stutzler's overall score is comparable to Hughes's, but his score has not reached the peak of Hughes's. However, he is one year younger than him.


He has achieved an excellent speed of 90 in all three-speed grades, which is on par with 90 in deking. He is a skilled playmaker, with 88 passing and possession scores and 87 hand-eye scores. His offensive awareness also has 86 points, which means he should find open or cut players to shoot.


In the 2020/21 season, Stutzler played 53 games for Ottawa, contributing 17 assists and 12 goals, of which four played well, and 2 won. In Adler Mannheim's 2019/20 season, Stutzler contributed 27 assists and seven goals in 41 games.



Trevor Zegras, 82 OVR (Elite Med)


  1. Team: Anaheim Ducks
  2. Age: 20
  3. Type: Organizer
  4. Shooting: left
  5. Best attributes: 89 defense, 88 passing, 88 possession


Trevor Zeglas is on this list because the 9th pick in 2019 has solid all-around skills, but in terms of these rankings, his elite medical potential makes him the best one of the young centers.


Another organizational core, he has 89 defenses, 88 in all speed categories, and 88 passes, possession, and offensive awareness. He is already an excellent center and can play on the left in terms of organizing offense and should only improve in the next few seasons.


In the 24 games played for Anaheim in the 2020/21 season, Zeglas contributed ten assists and three goals. In 17 games for the San Diego Seagulls, he has 11 assists and ten goals in 17 games, two assists, and one goal in 3 playoff games.



Dylan Cozens, 82 OVR (Elite Med)


  1. Team: Buffalo Sabres
  2. Age: 20
  3. Type: Two-way forward
  4. Shooting: left
  5. Best attributes: 87 Deking, 87 Speed, 87 Slap Shot Power


As Jack Eichel's position and future in Buffalo are full of uncertainty, if the latter leaves, the Sabres may hope that Dylan Cosens can be what they want Eichel to be. Cozens is the seventh overall pick in 2019 and is worth acquiring from Sabres-further hindering Buffalo's success in the NHL 22.


Cozens was the first two-way forward on the list and had a high score in the mid to late 1980s. He has 87 points in decking, all three speed categories, and batting ability. His hands and eyes, passing, ball possession, defensive awareness, defensive awareness, offensive awareness, wrist shooting accuracy, and wrist shooting power reached 86 points. He also brought the ability to switch to the right-wing.


In 41 games against Buffalo in the 2020/21 season, Cozens had nine assists and four goals, one of which came from a potent offense. In the 2019/20 season in Lethbridge, he contributed 47 assists and 38 goals in 51 games.



Alex Newhook, 79 OVR (Elite Med)


  1. Team: Colorado Avalanche
  2. Age: 20
  3. Type: Organizer
  4. Shooting: Yes
  5. Best attributes: 90 acceleration, 90 agility, 90 speed


Another organization core, Alex Newhook, the first-round player in 2019, has been well-reviewed in many skills, but other skills need to be improved. In other words, the 20-year-old's potential in elite medicine shows that his attributes will soon be cheered up.


Except for Hughes and Stutzler, Newhook is the only player to score 90 points in any skill, reaching 90 points in all three speed ratings. He also has two batting power ratings of 88 and 87 points. His other offensive skills were in the mid-1980s, but he needs to work hard on defense and faceoffs.


Newhook played six games for the Avalanche in the 2020/21 season, contributed three assists in 8 playoff games, and added one goal and one assist. In 12 games played for Boston College, he had nine assists and seven goals. In the 2019/20 season, he had 23 assists and 19 goals.



Quinton Byfield, 78 OVR (Elite Med)


  1. Team: Los Angeles Kings
  2. Age: 19
  3. Type: Power forward
  4. Shooting: left
  5. Best attributes: 88 balance, 87 slap power, 87 wrist power


Quinton Byfield is 6 feet 4 inches tall and a tall center forward. The second pick in 2020 can fill the potential to match his height, and the power ahead has the potential of Elite med.


For his height, he needs to have a balance of 88 on ice. Byfield's two batting power ratings both reached 87 points, and they were also excellent in batting power. He also has good speed, with acceleration and speed of 85 and agility of 84. His faceoff score needs to be improved to 77 points, but his other skills are enough to keep him calm while he realizes his great potential.


In the 2020/21 season with the Kings in six games, Byfield contributed one assist. In 32 games with Ontario, he has 12 assists and eight goals. In the 2019/20 season at the Sudbury Wolves, he had 50 assists and 32 goals.



Alex Turcotte, 77 OVR (Elite Med)


  1. Team: Los Angeles Kings
  2. Age: 20
  3. Type: Organizer
  4. Shooting: left
  5. Best attributes: 88 agility, 87 acceleration, 87 speed


Another Los Angeles king-although he has not seen time on ice in professional team games-Alex Turcott will be the most promising player on this list, but he is still A person worth acquiring.


He has 88 agility, 87 acceleration, and 87 speed, very fast. Turcotte also has good passing and ball control skills, 85 years old. His ball control and wrist shooting ability are both 86 years old. To make him a key player in the team, you need to focus his development on the offensive end and faceoffs.


In the 2020/21 season, Turcotte contributed 15 assists and six goals in 32 games. In the 2019/20 season at the University of Wisconsin, he had 17 assists and nine goals in 29 games.



NHL 22: All the best young centers

In the following list, you can learn about all the best young centers in NHL 22.


Name Potential Overall Age Position Type Team
Jack Hughes   Elite High   84 20 Center   Playmaker New Jersey Devils  
Tim Stützle   Elite Med   84 19 Center/Left Wing   Playmaker Ottawa Senators  
Trevor Zegras   Elite Med   82 20 Center/Left Wing   Playmaker Anaheim Ducks  
Dylan Cozens   Elite Med   82 20 Center/Right Wing   Two-Way Forward Buffalo Sabres  
Alex Newhook   Elite Med   79 20 Center   Playmaker Colorado Avalanche  
Quinton Byfield   Elite Med   78 19 Center   Power Forward Los Angeles Kings  
Alex Turcotte   Elite Med   77 20 Center   Playmaker Los Angeles Kings  
Cole Perfetti   Elite Med   74 19 Center   Playmaker Winnipeg Jets  
William Eklund   Elite Med   73 18 Center/Left Wing   Two-Way Forward San Jose Sharks  
Anton Lundell   Elite Med   70 10 Center   Two-Way Forward Florida Panthers  
Jesperi Kotkaniemi   Elite Low   82 21 Center/Left Wing   Playmaker Carolina Hurricanes  
Nicholas Robertson   Elite Low   74 20 Center/Left Wing   Playmaker Toronto Maple Leafs  
Aatu Räty   Elite Low   67 18 Center   Two-Way Forward New York Islanders  
Kirby Dach   Top 6 F High 83 19 Center/Right Wing   Playmaker Chicago Blackhawks  
Mason McTavish Top 6 F High 71 20 Center   Power Forward Anaheim Ducks  


If you want to ensure that your first line will be carefully planned by one of the best players in NHL 22, be sure to get one of the best young centers listed above.

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