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With a couple of weeks left before the new league starts, and people already getting into that in-between-leagues mode especially with the flashback event hype winding down, it might be nice to revisit and rediscover some possible aspects to the game that some might be ignoring without realizing how helpful or profitable they could be.

Some examples:

1. Flasks with the right rolls can be very valuable

You can roll your flasks (it just takes an alt). Decent rolls can easily sell for 5-15c, and rolling decent mods isn't very uncommon since you usually have a few mediocre to decent affixes to roll.

Stuff like Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline and Experimenter's Jade Flask of Reflexes for example, can sell for much more than 15c.

2. Always check rolls of unique items

A cheap unique can become valuable if it has great rolls.

You can check rolls easily by enabling Options -> UI -> Advanced Mod Descriptions and then holding the Alt key while hovering your mouse cursor above the item.

You can also use POE Trade Macro's advanced search (ctrl + alt + d) to quickly check if you're unique has good rolls / price.

3. Pick up superior gems

You can vendor one 20% quality gem for a Gemcutters Prism

You can vendor any number of gems with 40% total quality for a Gemcutters Prism

I actually get more GCPs this way than from GCP drops

4. Forgot trading Whetstones for Baubles at vendors.

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