Making A Guide for Your Meme Arrow Build in Path of Exile

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This is not a build for beginners. If you are looking for a more viable, less meme and more boring build that will safely get you through the game albeit at a slower pace, check out TheUberElite's guide instead. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can poe orbs buy from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordabl cost.




If a mob as much as sneezes at you, you die. 

You need to have multiple 5-6/links to deal optimal damage.(5l is fine)

If your PC is a toaster and/or potato you might find yourself struggling at times.

Again, you will have 3.6K life tops. You sacrifice it all for the memes. 

Bad league starter.

Easy to run into mana issues.



Meme mastery.

You are never alone as you summon 50+ clones of yourself.

Enough damage to take out most of the end-game, but problably not uber elder.

50 minions makes for a good meat shield.

You only have to do normal and cruel lab, meaning izaro and unfair lab-traps will never be there to ruin your day. 

Kind of easy to gear.

Fun to map with.


Tips for a smooth leveling process:

For leveling I was having 2x 5-link settups in a Tabula rasa. I was using this settup til far into yellow maps, and it works wonders on a budget. In act 3 get your 2 main auras Anger + Wrath, you need these to deal decent damage early game.


Make sure you have a generosity gem ready for once you reach level 31. This will greatly increase your damage. Personally I swapped right into multi traps when it first was available, then swapped it out for cluster traps when I unlocked that gem.


Pro tip: Since beastiary has alot of level 21 gems for sale, make sure to buy a level 21/0 cluster trap gem for cheap. I paid 1c for both of my gems. Until you can get Tinkerskin, use a quartz flask. Phasing is a HUGE quality of life for this kind of build that relies alot on mechanical dodging. 

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