Madden 22: The complete guide to lateral, run an RPO, stop short passes, taunt/celebration

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Welcome to this. Madden 22 game has set sail. This is a game that allows players to keep moving at all times! In this real-time synchronized NFL game, if you want to win the game and gain an advantage, you need not only the support of a large number of Madden 22 Coins but also more Madden 22 game operations.  So you must understand and master these operations! Read this article to let you know the detailed knowledge of how to lateral, run an RPO, stop short passes, taunt, and celebrate in Madden 22! Knowing these contents can make you make more progress in this exciting game and get more game fun! These contents have a significant effect on your Madden 22.


Madden 22: The complete guide to lateral, run an RPO, stop short passes, taunt/celebration



Madden 22: What is lateral and How to do lateral?

This sport allows us to move the ball away from the opposing team, looking for an effective touchdown after a short period. This is also called a backward sport, which happens when the next pass between teammates is for us or us. Now, to understand how to do this, the people behind it, let's look at the support provided by this guide and the content below.


We will manage a strategy to try to use central defenders to go beyond the melee line. Considering that we can make offensive moves against such players other than quarterbacks, it is necessary to put pressure on L1 on Xbox LB and PlayStation. If we encounter uncontrollable situations, we can use HB to pass the ball in the direction of any available player around us and become our QB. If we have a few teammates, we can use the left stick to aim our pass. The important thing is to Practice before bringing it into the game. This is a running game. We press the corresponding button to pass the ball laterally when we give the melee line, but we can use it for multiple occasions in the complete game.



Madden 22: What is an RPO and How to run an RPO?

They are unique games and are somewhat different from running or passing settings. Depending on the game, players with the RPO option can run the ball or pitch the ball. In this guide, we will tell you how to run RPO.


To perform RPO, you must go to the playback call screen, go to the Play Type tab, and then the RPO option. You should know that the RPO play you get will depend on the script you use, some use more run-pass choices, and some don't play.



You can use A for Xbox or X for PlayStation to select RPO and then start playing.

  • You can choose to run and throw the ball.
  • The RPO game is a running game. To throw it, you must open the catcher and throw it quickly before the QB passes it to the runner.
  • The benefits of RPO include AI that allows defenders to leave their guards quickly, and so on.


Maddne 22: What is a short pass and How to stop short passes?

This is a fast movement to ensure possession of the ball. It is different from long passes because it has more excellent safety to confirm the ball's field. Then these passes are best mixed with the receiver, who is fast. Having the best quarterback will lead us to possible victories, this kind of pass will lead to a great offense that cannot be avoided. Then the idea is that we know how to stop short keys, and in this guide, we are about it, let us see.



Regarding how to block short passes in Madden 22, we must consider some essential steps. These steps are as follows:

  • Cover our defense: This must be done before the security of the opposing team becomes an obstacle, and then we press the Y or triangle added to the right stick so that our defensive players can take into account the standard movement pattern. Blocking short passes so that the receiver has more space, but the moment the opponent loses the ball, it will be a bit violent to run in the receiver's direction so that we can stop him.
  • The use of a complex plane is used in shortcodes that ultimately prevent short passes from anywhere. We noticed that the defense is more focused on short-distance games and can be seen in specific spaces when using it. This There is a risk. To do this, you must choose a player outside the linebacker and then press X or A to move the right stick to the right.
  • Linebacker's control: We can change the linebacker using the left stick while holding down the circle or B. Considering the direction of the pass, we can take them in a specific order and even try to prevent these types of keys.


Madden 22: What is taunt/celebrate and How to taunt/celebrate?

The key to doing this is that we don't have any defenders around us, considering that we need some space to hold Xbox LT + RT + A or PlayStation L2 + R2 + X. This will activate shooting, and on Xbox, have LT+X or Press L2+Square on PlayStation. We can go directly to the finish area and start taunting our opponents. This is very convenient when we score a touchdown. You have to control the right stick to the left, right, up, and down for various celebrations, including Spikes, teamwork, and other dances.



So by using the right joystick to the left, the player will dance, using it to the right we can hit the ball, at the top we celebrate as a team, and at the bottom, we can do certain things to the player so we can mock or use Celebrations.


The above is the guide for lateral, run an RPO, stop short passes, taunt/celebration in Madden NFL 22. I hope these can help you improve your level and have fun in the game. Remember, the game itself is to increase your fun, so it is essential to keep an optimistic attitude to the game!

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