Lost Ark: The best places to level up gathering

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Most of Lost Ark can be focused on fighting monsters and bosses, but many other activities can take up your time. Leveling up your Foraging skill in Lost Ark can help you get various materials such as Mushrooms, Flowers, and Plants and increase your movement speed after gathering food. The collected materials can be used to make potions for yourself or make a decent profit from Lost Ark merchants.



If you want to increase your Gathering skill, then moving to the right region will make this job much more manageable. Here are the best places to quickly level up your Gathering skill.



Best Places to Level Up Gathering in Lost Ark

  • Delphi Forest
  • Monastery of Medric
  • Slime Island
  • Lullaby Island



Delphi Forest

This is one of the first areas to visit in Lost Ark. Located on the Anikka continent, Delphi Forest is located in Delphi Township. Marked over the map above, this area is home to various Tier 1 Wildflowers that you can collect. Sometimes you will be able to find a level 2 wildflower, which will give you even more experience in gathering.


Monastery of Medric

The Monastery of Medric is located on the West Luterra continent, another area to complete the gathering levels in the early and mid-game. Go to the location marked on the map above when you get there. There you will find many flowers on the 1st and 2nd levels. There are enemies in the area, but they shouldn't be a big problem for you at this stage of the game.


Slime Island

This spot is among the best spots to gather food because it consists of various plants to gather. Loop around the outer ring of the island, figuring as you go. However, it is also one of the most dangerous. Not because of the enemies spawning here, which are normal mobs that shouldn't pose much of a threat. The real danger here comes from other players. Slime Island is one of the PVP Lost Ark regions, which means that other players can and will attack you if you ignore what you're doing. We recommend moving around the island quickly, collecting materials as promptly as possible, and avoiding battles to make the most of your time.


Lullaby Island

Skill. This is another area that has gathering nodes scattered around the map, making it a great place to visit to get some gathering experience. It also has places where you can do both mining and logging to hone your three trading skills in one place. In addition, there are no enemies on the island, so you can safely take your time and collect everything you can.

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