How Would Bestiary Be Incorporated Into the Core Game in PoE

Path Of Exile Date: May/05/18 09:49:40 Views: 83

Bestiary is going to be rolled into the core game in some form or the other. So I thought we might as well start discussing how they can do that while minimizing the problematic aspects of the league so that we eventually come to see it as a positive addition to the game. Please note that this thread is NOT meant to be about discussing whether it will/should be incorporated or not and also NOT about just shitting all over the league again. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more cheap poe trade currency with instant delivery.

- A new Help screen is added that tells you what the Beast you just captured is used for. This is NOT implemented in the form of a pop-up upon capturing the Beast, but rather is available upon asking for it from Einhar after he's finished his little capture animation. You should also be able to get to this screen upon clicking the beast in your Menagerie.

- Upon completion of Beastcrafting, all enemy mobs are despawned from the Blood Altar area, similar to how they do when the Elreon mission timer finishes. This is to prevent the issues that've been arising with Beasts who summon tons of adds.

- All recipes that require a Beast of a certain level are standardized i.e. they all have the same level requirement, say 75 or 80. This way you no longer need to remember a couple different zone level cutoffs - you're either in an area that can spawn these high value beasts or you're not. This is actually similar to the existing chaos orb recipe versus regal orb recipe issue wherein over ilvl 75 items give you regals instead, however that issue was solved via loot filters informing you of the same. We don't have that option with Beasts, so just simplifying what we have to keep in mind is called for.

- The ability to freely remove Beasts from our Menagerie should be added, and be easily available from wherever via the Bestiary screen.

Nets items are done away with entirely in favor of netting just being made into a command with its own key, similar to the corpse targeting or detonate mines key. Alternately, maybe netting can be turned into a support gem that we can attach to our utility skills.

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