Fed up of Elder Landing on A Non-T15 Map in Path of Exile

Path Of Exile Date: Apr/19/18 03:02:39 Views: 202

I like many people got fed up of Elder planting himself on anything other than the two/three T15's i'd lined up nicely for him. Of course, you can get the really poe currency cheap here, U4GM is a reliable online PoE Service store.



After he landed on castle ruins for the umpteenth time, i gave up. i decided it's time to skip this sh*t. I cleared out all my guardians, so it was just elder left on his T12 pedestal. I bought an elder castle ruins map on poetrade - while it was fairly expensive (60C), it was about the same cost as setting up the elder spawn zone.


I made another account through the standalone client (I usually play through steam). Made character on the new account, gave them speed leveling gear and got them to the end of acts in a few hours. I was able to spawn elder on the 'new' atlas in 6 maps, and thankfully, he was only 4 steps away from castle ruins. I spread the influence there (using my main account to actually do the maps, the new one just stood at the entrance for the completion)


I then opened my elder castle ruins, didnt even enter on the new account. main account went and beat up the little rat boss. got my fragment. - because the new account didnt enter the map, it used my main account's map bonus and decision making for the map drops, i got 3 minotaurs out of it, the elder influence also stayed on the map, so if I needed more than one frag, i'd have been able to do easily.


So if you have no friends capable of taking some time to help you, or you just don't trust people in general, this is the way to go, it took one evening and i'm finally free. Note - if elder lands on a T10, you can get the shaped version rather than elder version, it'll be significantly cheaper because you can farm it yourself.


I'm aware this isn't true dual boxing, because I was never controlling both characters at once, just alt tabbing between them.

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