A Common Misconception In TERA Warrior

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Now before moving on, I want to discuss something that is a common misconception amongst many Warriors, both inexperienced and experienced ones alike. A common misconception: “Rotations” vs “Situational Gameplay, Instinct & Priority Chaining”. As we are the best place to buy Tera gold online, we actually hear a lot from new players to TERA who need help and advice on getting going. Hope this tips can help you.

It sounds easy doesn’t mean that Warriors are easy to play. And secondly, while you can, in theory, create a fixed rotation that will result in you always having 10 edge at the end, this will not only make you very inflexible, but you are also wasting a lot of potential damage because you are basically throwing away any benefit that you would gain from Blade Draw resets, and following priorities on skills instead. Generally, your Edge-stacking will be slower. Because of how important Blade Draw resets are to the edge stacking procedure unless you want to ignore each and every one of your Blade Draw resets, which you shouldn’t, no real rotation can ever be devised for a Warrior.

Technically, there is the fixed rotation that you can use, but same as before, using it means throwing away potential damage. If you want to maximize what you get out of your Deadly Gamble uptime, you have to adapt to the situation, which means, you have to react to your Blade Draw resetting (or not).

A Warrior that learned situational awareness, and how to play by instinct and following priorities will always outperform a Warrior following a static rotation, even if the latter might think he is “consistent in his results” (which, ultimately, is not true either, as crit RNG, boss RNG, the party also impact the results).

You can test this for yourself by taking out the Blade Draw reset chance glyph and practicing on, for example, the crystal in Ghillieglade between the Teraliths. You will quickly realize that while it is possible to keep up a somewhat fluid gameplay even with a “static” playstyle, that it is actually easier, more fun, and less stressful to play with situational awareness instead.

At first glance, this might look like a “stable rotation”, but it actually is horribly inefficient because of the number of fillers that are used, especially those that have no chain, therefore having no way to shorten their animation. So please, DO NOT USE THIS “ROTATION” SHOWN HERE for your own sake.

That being said, if you haven’t yet, you need to stop thinking about Warriors as a  “rotation-based”-class. Instead, they are a reactive, adaptive class that plays by chain priorities. The sooner you realize this, the better, as it will help you a lot once you hit a more advanced skill level. Now that we cleared up this misconception, and explained the basic principle of Warriors and how to DPS with them, it is time we finally get into business and discuss gear and glyphs to finally get you started.

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